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What's More Durable Sling Backpack
Mar 08, 2018

In today's fast-paced life, luggage has become an indispensable tool for everyday life. It can make people's life more convenient and safer. In the common case, single shoulder bag, shoulder bag and handbag is three kinds of styles of people frequently use. If the use of single bag, what material bag is more durable?

Can be made into a single bag made of nylon, canvas, cloth, leather, leather and so on in Oxford, and in the bags in the material, the most durable canvas and Oxford cloth.  Compared to Oxford, canvas is more durable and durable, but the waterproofing of canvas is not as good as in Oxford. The leather is more durable and waterproof, for example, compared to leather materials, such as the popular head - layer cowhide. But the use of single shoulder bag into the first layer of leather, the price is not cheap.