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What Kind Of Material Is Good In The Travel Bag
Mar 08, 2018

I believe that many trips as people, small travel bag, solve a lot of trouble because of equipment to take what. Traveling bags are free from familiar places, or doing things or traveling, or in the nature, enjoying the sunshine and rain, so that they can be loaded with everything that they want to bring around, so that they can be carried easily. The next thing to say is about the material of the travel bag. What is the good material for the travel bag?

The travel bag can be divided into three materials:

1, PU leather material

PU leather belongs to artificial fabric, lower prices, better water resistance, but poor wear resistance. The material of the box, though it looks upscale, is not strong enough and usually undurable.

2, Oxford cloth material

Oxford cloth is similar to nylon, which is a cloth material. This material is strong and wearable, but Oxford cloth material bag is usually heavy, and its style is easy to show.

3. The material of the cowhide

The cowhide is a kind of animal skin, which is the most expensive, but the price ratio is low. This kind of material is of high value, but it is not good in waterproof, poor in wear resistance and easy to be damaged.

In terms of fabric, the following points are needed:

1. The density of the fabric is small and light.

2, the fabric is wear-resistant, and the strength and toughness are high.

3, waterproof material.

The travel package can be divided into casual travel package and business travel bag according to the different application environment. The leisure travel bag can choose color and taste according to its dress preferences, and the choice of taste. Select the appropriate size of travel packages will bring great convenience, travel package due to its special use, relatively high capacity requirements, should choose light and fastness of fabric as the main material, not easy to wear out and reduce the burden of travel consumers.