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What Kind Of Fabric Is Used To Customize The Waist Bag
Mar 08, 2018

1. genuine leather for the fabric of the waist

Leather bags are very strict in appearance and texture. They are very strict in technology and material. Choosing leather bags is a symbol of status. If they are gifts, the cost is very high. So the custom leather waist is often given to senior leaders, first class customers, and the number is generally not much, so the price is even higher.

2. nylon used in the fabric of the waist

The wall is the barrier of the real house or garden, and the nylon material waist bag is the most solid wall of our bag "cloth world", it is strong, wearable, durable, and the price is partial. Generally speaking, nylon can be classified as fine nylon, nylon and nylon, and the handle is soft and comfortable. The appearance is more business. But the nylon feel has subtle concave and convex appearance, and the appearance is more casual. All these are customized according to the requirements of the company for waist pack.

3. canvas for fabric

The canvas is everyone can manage fashion, fresh and refined can also can canvas pockets of colorful fancy, it more is not the pursuit of quality, but the design canvas bag, design more unique value will be higher. If you make a canvas waist bag as a promotional gift, it is not only low cost, but also strong audience. However, if you want to get good results, you need to make personalized waist bag customization for the waist customization manufacturer.