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What Is The Difference Between The Mountaineering Bag And The Travel Bag
Mar 08, 2018

Today, travel is one of the people's life, and travel, travel bags are the necessary tools. The choice of bags is also different for different travel channels, because each kind of luggage has its own functional design, such as mountaineering bag for outdoor mountaineering, riding backpack for outdoor riding.  What's the difference between the mountaineering bag and the travel bag in that luggage bag?

The mountaineering bag generally has the size of the size. The size of the large mountaineering bag is between 50-80 litres, and the small one is 20-35 liters. The major mountaineering bags are mainly used to transport mountaineering materials during the mountaineering process, and the small ones are generally used for high elevations or at the top of the peak. And special mountaineering package to cope with the extreme environment, the general use of human natural curve design, material will also choose a very strong waterproof and wear-resistant fabric.

The bag that pack is like mountain climbing, the size, and the bag and bag are similar, and is positive and comprehensive through the zipper open, very easy to pick up items, but the bag and the bag is a little different, not like the bag bag like that from the top of the package will cover items in the bag. Small types of travel bags are very many, choose to pay attention to the comfort of the system, do not pay attention to the external.

Mountaineering bags and bags of what different? In fact, in addition to the functional design, mountaineering bag and a travel bag is quite similar, but the bag is more suitable for some simple exercise, can provide the function of loading the goods side is sufficient, but the price, a functional design of the bag is more expensive than climbing hill. If you want to buy Luggage and bags, love free bags recommend climbing bags, because the mountaineering bag can be a travel bag, and the travel bag is not a mountaineering bag.