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Tourism Class 30 Poor Backpackers Have To Watch The Poor Travel Tips
Aug 09, 2018

When it comes to tourism, many people feel that they are the luxury of a prosperous family. actually not. Tourism is not a patent for rich people. Tourism can achieve both quality and taste under the premise of saving. The savings are in every detail of life. There are also wealth management knowledge in tourism, and you can save yourself a lot of money with a few tips.


1. Off-season travel is the basis for saving money.

2. Reasonable route design, less repetitive roads, save a lot of money.

3. When chartering a car, talk to the driver first. If you want to carry other passengers midway, the price will be cheaper.

4, do not fly by train. Sometimes a train can save more money than a car. If you have a train ticket, if you have a non-air-conditioned car, you can buy a ticket for a non-air-conditioned car. This can save half the money, but of course, the condition will be worse. Buy a few more calls before you buy a ticket, and bargain on the phone.

5. Take buses in the city.

6. When asking for a taxi or chartered vehicle, if the driver is the destination you want to go to, if it is, you can use it cheaper. Because anyway, he will eventually return. If you run into a car with someone else's bag, you can have more room for counter-offer. Because the average driver will count the return money as a one-way person, it means that someone has already helped you out of the oil.

7, on the choice of transportation routes, sometimes not take a direct car, transfer can save a lot of money. The main points of this method are: (1) proper transit; (2) combination of multiple modes of transportation; (3) look at the maps more, and look at the railway operation lines and highway lines, and use their brains.


8, the accommodation first look at the room, then bargain.

9, if it is a solitary person, in the absence of a single room, do not want to live with a stranger, do not have to pack the entire room. You can ask the hotel to arrange for you to arrange your room in other rooms.

10. If you live in a hotel without hot water showers, you can save money by showering outside.

11. Getting on the bus outside the coach station is sometimes cheaper than getting on the train station. But not necessarily. In addition, you can bargain on the bus halfway.

12. After the train speeds up, there are a lot of trains that can be dispatched in the evening and are suitable for self-help travel. Stay overnight on the train and arrive at your destination in the morning. The two-in-one fee for parking fees is really a coup to save money.

13. If you arrive in the morning, do not go to your accommodation immediately, as many rooms may not have checked out yet. And carrying a package to a bad bargain, you can first bag in the train station, go play, play while watching there is no suitable hotel, to see the house at dusk, counter-offer. And if there is no one staying at this time, you can stay at a lower price.


14. When you eat local specialties such as seafood, you can buy them on the seafood wholesale market or the farmers' market, and then you can get the processing of the restaurant. However, you should first understand the general processing price of the restaurant. If you eat low-grade seafood, it is not necessary to do so.

15. When you eat, ask whether napkins need money. To charge, you can use napkins instead of napkins.

16, the lone traveler wants to save money to eat and eat, but the northern food is generally more. You can propose a price for you and let the restaurant give you the weight of your price. This saves money without wasting. Of course, the actual unit price will be higher.


17, more bargaining, regardless of food, housing, transportation, and purchase price pressure. Sometimes it seems that places that cannot be bargained can still be counter-offered.

18. Do not shop in the presence of a tour group.

19. Don't stay in an agency led by an intermediary because he has to pay back the deduction more expensive.

20. Even if the price is cheap, don’t say “this thing is really cheap” at the time of consumption, otherwise you will get more expensive prices when you consume other things.


21. When visitors from wealthy areas consume, do not say where they come from. This is because tourist vendors tend to charge according to the richness of the area you come from.

22, 2-4 people are the most economical.

23, some places to see for themselves, can not see what the famous, especially the ancient architecture, but please guide tour guide must pay a lecture fee. How to do? The tour team is sure to have a guided tour. You can be an observer. If you are afraid to follow a team, you will feel embarrassed. You can listen to this person's explanation and listen to the next person. After listening to the introductions in various places, go through the tour again.

24. You can get a free time ticket at the place where you book your ticket. You can also get a free map (although simple) at a star hotel, you can save money on buying a map.

25, it is best to bring a smaller cup, so save the purchase of drinks, mineral water money. After the drink is over, you can use the water in the place where you eat to fill it up. The rehab room generally has free boiling water, where you can also use your own cup to fetch water.

26. If you are a student, you must bring your student ID card. There are student tickets for many attractions and you can save a lot of money. If it is a graduate student, it is best to borrow an undergraduate certificate, because many local graduate students cannot be half-vote.

27, carry a national general-purpose IC card, call the convenience, avoid being slaughtered. Of course, there are now 3 cents of public phones, which are cheaper than IC cards. In this case, you can use IC cards instead.

28. When housing, ask if the package does not include breakfast. If so, use the phone in the room. If it is not free, do not use the telephone in the room, because it is generally more expensive than the most expensive outside.

29, before the departure of more on the Internet to see the Raiders, some of the detailed Raiders will list the prices of consumption everywhere, so that they are not afraid to slaughter.

30. When transiting a large and medium-sized city in general, you can choose a bath center as a place to stay in the evening, and you can also carry out dressing on a tired journey, especially in the three northeastern provinces, capitals, and bathing centers. Personally think that, especially in Changchun, it is a good choice if you are staying alone for one night in the rest room of the bath center. There is no need to spend money without bathing, and bags are stored in special places.