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The Selection Principle Of The Color Of Travel Bag
Mar 08, 2018

One, choose the travel bag that is not easy to dirty:

People who travel frequently must have this impression, the bag is mostly black or grey or dark color, the reason why we should all understand that it is dirty, travel everywhere, and choose the backpack must be dirty.

Two. Choose a colorful Travel Backpack

This is a little contradictory to the first one, so we can only take it into consideration. If only to be afraid of the bag dirty, the choice of a very dark, dark travel backpack, it is not too good. In outdoor travel, the color of the backpack is chosen as much as possible. If what happens outdoors, it is also convenient for rescuers to look for.

Three. Choose the color of the knapsack according to your own situation

Young people usually love bright, a little dark or in some selected age, but in reality, many young people always wanted to own the old mature, always wanted to own a tender, the most important according to the individual character, height, skin to choose, that is best suited to their own the.

Four. Choose the color of the travel knapsack by sex

Generally speaking, if the sex is different, when men choose the knapsack, they can choose a deeper color to show their convergence. Women can choose a brighter color.