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The Basic Principles Of Customizing The Laptop Backpack
Mar 08, 2018

For the backpack, I feel that no matter how it is chosen, the laptop bag is too inconvenient and too much of a hand. The size of the back - type computer package will be annoyed, too formal, and sometimes uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of the computer package.

1. Protect the computer

The appropriate size and inner firm structure, compared to the computer properly fixed in the bag. In specific performance, the first is to shock and compression. The foam sponge with high density and slow rebound can be more effective against collision. If the bottom of the bag is designed with a thick shock proof layer, it can also absorb the impact force when falling. In addition, waterproofing is also an important performance of the computer package, preferentially choosing fabric with good waterproof performance. If there are waterproofing zippers, moistureproof coatings and even rain proof cover, it will be more comfortable on rainy days.

Two, carry comfort

The backloading system is crucial to the "user experience" of a computer package. Thin strap backpack will let the shoulder overwhelmed under strong pressure, widening and thickening design can free your shoulder strap, handbag and handle thicker bold type more comfortable grip. The design of a good backloading system can also optimize the heat dissipation, and further decentralization of the pressure for the body.


Receipt is positively related to complexity. So the better it is, the better it is. The needs of the company should be determined before customization in order to choose the most suitable computer package with the best style and function. For example, for most male colleagues, computer bag usually not only put the computer, but also include other belongings, large space, multi partition style more appropriate; and to back a commuter bag female colleagues, the compact, lightweight package can meet the demand of the storage.

Four. Durable

In the conventional fabric, the quality and performance of nylon is excellent. The quality of nylon is determined by the number of D, such as 800D and 1000D. The higher the density, the more wear-resisting, and the waterproof and dust-proof performance is better. The polyester fabric is also strong and durable. In addition, it is not to be ignored that the details of the computer package work. In the accessories, zippers and fasteners about experience and life. The seams of the seams, especially the handle of the handle, should be carefully considered.

Five, the design should look good

Package modeling chic, but is never far from the surface, sufficient capacity, super multi interlayer, in addition to the computer into a lot of things can be arranged in good order. It can be versatile, such as the side handle, the carry back, the free change style, the widened shoulder strap, etc.