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Main Factors Affecting Bag Customization
Mar 08, 2018

First of all, take the experience of empathy as a customer. When looking for a backpack manufacturer to customize a backpack, the most concern is the price of a backpacker. When it starts to go straight to the theme, the sample bag will start to quote. In fact, picture evaluation is usually not accurate. The price of knapsack customization is related to the structure of knapsack, fabric size, size and shape, hardware accessories, workmanship complexity, customization quantity and so on. It's hard to quote the exact price only with a sample picture.

Bag custom makes a sample of a small amount of material, but as a material supplier should be in stock. For example, to buy skin, the supplier will have the lowest amount, one foot, two feet, or one. When making the goods as a sample, there will be surplus material left and then stock.

The more delicate knapsack is, the more complex the workmanship, the more processes and the more manual work, which will lead to higher labor costs. High prices bring high quality. Sometimes, a small number of customized knapsack materials and requirements are very special, such as color or texture requirements, like their own rare hardware, to increase the difficulty of finding materials. Good luck, less than half of the purchase is completed, bad luck can not be found all day. Of course, this is also to buy personal business familiarity, but it is a process of finding materials in takes a lot of energy, time and labor.

The number of backpack customized, most often ignored by the customer, that a number of the backpack is a goods out of the multi set of no great importance. This is not the case, as the backpack manufacturers are have the minimum quantity requirement, reach the MOQ cannot do goods. The process is complex, often have customers beyond the imagination, insufficient number of a batch of MOQ, preparation of the first processing link cannot be completed. If you reach the custom number, custom number more situation, no matter from the preparation, processing all aspects of water that cut down, naturally the cost will be greatly reduced.