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Do Not Buy Out of the Mirror to Buy
Aug 10, 2018

Some long-haul planes asked the tour guide "Where are there things to buy?" During the journey, they all had no appreciation of the scenery. They just wanted to spend more time shopping, bought a bunch of brand names and packaged themselves as Logo spokespersons. Chinese tourists have become the "super heroes" in the eyes of foreigners. According to the latest statistics, Chinese tourists spent as much as US$72 billion overseas in the past year! During the just-concluded London Olympic Games, the spending power of Chinese tourists once again shocked the world, spending an average of 203 pounds per week, surpassing UAE tourists, ranking first in the world. One! Even so, in the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese tourists are still seen as Logos who don't know the style. When we rush to buy it, can we reflect on how to raise our tastes when we spend money and win the true respect of foreigners?

Chinese people will not buy

Will not buy performance

Asked to leave the plane

Where can I buy something

Interpretation: From time to time, the Chinese tour group traveled to Europe and the United States on a long-haul plane that took more than 10 hours. When the airplane met, they took a glance and asked. “Where is there something to buy?” “Where to buy famous brands cheap?” It seems that the long water in the mountains is far from a country. It is for shopping. China has always been a state of etiquette. Although it is common for people to buy gifts and bring things to go back to relatives, friends, and colleagues, the compressed tour time is only for shopping and shopping. Is this something that puts the cart before the horse?

Weapons: Think of Shopping as Embellishment

Unless it is a special shopping group, if you go out for a trip only for shopping, you may lose a lot of travel fun. When carrying a lot of money, we must first of all take into account the significance of shopping. Shopping is not, and should not be, the only excitement in the entire journey. Learn to use shopping as a decoration for travel, as long as you are interested, you don’t have to go The mall can buy the goods for personal use or give it away. During the journey, especially in European countries, it is possible to pass through a small town. After passing through a small street and entering a boutique, you will find some small gifts that have both their own thoughts and characteristics and even stories behind them. In the windfall. Therefore, only after placing shopping in a position of travel can we have a peaceful and rational shopping mentality. Where do you always want to go shopping, you may miss some worthwhile scenery.

Will not buy performance

Shopping with the big stream

Interpretation: In addition to free travel visitors must do their own Raiders, many with the group of tourists do not do Raiders. When you arrive at an overseas destination, even if you have a rare free time, you will only follow the tour guides, local accompaniments, or group members. Others will buy what they are following, and they will go shopping with the big stream. They have no idea at all.

Weapons: do a good job in advance shopping strategy

The time outside of the country is limited. It is a waste of time to go around with people. After all, other people's opinions can only be used as a reference. They are spending their own money, and they should determine their shopping plans according to their own preferences. It is recommended that you do a good job in local shopping before you travel to see where your favorite products can be purchased, if the purpose is clear, then save time and save trouble. For example, if you go shopping in London, England, you can go to Oxford Street or Harrods and other big department stores if you want to buy big brands. If you want to visit some shops, you can go to Portobello Road in London, where there are nearly a thousand vintage shirt shops and bazaars. Lots of vintage and vintage vintage shirts that cost just around £10.

Will not buy performance

Only expensive

Interpretation: In the past two years, the exchange rates of the US dollar, the euro, and the British pound have fallen. Compared with the travel and shopping abroad in previous years, it is indeed a very cost-effective way. Coupled with the purse strings of the Chinese people, they are increasingly keen on the pursuit of brand names. Buying brand names in European and American countries is a popular choice for many people. Under the stimulation of low exchange rates, many Chinese tourists are out of shopping and are caught in the "only buy expensive, not right" kind of cycle, will only consider from the price point of view "this bag I am here to buy cheaper than domestic how much" , "Buy more expensive will be more cheap," always feel that to buy expensive goods before they make more money.

Weapons: starting from personal conditions

The simple truth is that it is also 30% cheaper than in China. Buying a watch with a price of 100,000 yuan is naturally much cheaper than buying a 10,000 yuan bag. However, if you only think about the "cheap amount" from the book instead of the real need and affection, you will make yourself "shopping blind." The price difference between European and American countries' famous brands and domestic famous brands is there. They must learn to be rational and can't be dazzled by "cheap". If they only buy brands that they don't need or simply don't use, they can only It is a waste of money. In short, it is still necessary to proceed from the individual needs, like to shoot, not to pick and choose in the shop, hesitate, and waste precious travel time.

Will not buy performance

Only recognize Logo

Interpretation: Speaking of brand names, most people in China will know the obvious brands such as LV, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and others. Some people may think that going out with these easily recognizable brands is a sign of face. In certain foreign media reports, it was revealed that foreigners only recognize LV and Gucci's ridicule for many Chinese tourists. This shows that our awareness of fashion is still relatively limited, and some people even don't even know the name of a famous brand. There are people who even look at the brand name and look like they are holding A goods. This is indeed embarrassing.

Weapon: Multi-pronged promotion

The so-called brand name is a brand recognized by the fashion circle for its history, connotation, and design. It can always lead the fashion brand. LV, Chanel, Gucci, Prada and others are able to become a resounding brand, and indeed have a lot of skill in this area. To improve the style is not something that can be effective in one day or two. However, if you do not spend time studying, you certainly cannot improve your taste. You can start by doing your branding work, not only knowing its logo, but also knowing the name of the quasi-brand. You should also know its history, background, and probably the characteristics of its design, so that it can be considered as a cognitive brand. The first step in taste. In addition, some vision should be relaxed. There are more than a few brands in the fashion circle. Some luxury brands are not popular, such as Hermes, which is more and more familiar, BV, Tod's, etc., and hot brands that have risen in recent years. For example, Celine, Coach, and even popular designer brands that are highly respected by political circles and fashion circles, such as Philip Lam, are well worth keeping an eye out for. They can always pay more attention to fashion media and learn more about them. There is also a quick and effective way to pay attention to local people's dressing up during the trip, especially in Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and other fashion cities. Look at the dresses of the influx of people on the street and learn to wear them now. What, now learning to sell, will help improve taste.

Will not buy performance

Do not look at the occasion bargaining

Interpretation: Many Chinese people like to bargain, go abroad, bargain at the bazaar, bargain at department stores and specialty stores, even if it is clear that the prices of large department stores and specialty stores are relatively transparent, they still prefer to bargain for more. Some small gifts and small gifts. Although salespersons in European countries and the United States are well-trained, they will politely refuse these unattainable demands. However, this approach is likely to make foreigners lighter, thinking that Chinese customers like to be petty and cheap.

Weapons: Obeying the rules and making civilized customers

To figure out where to shop abroad, you can bargain, and where you can not bargain, otherwise, regardless of the occasion, it is really a joke. Foreign labor is relatively high. Many shops are self-serving in some stores. They only need to find a clerk. When shopping in the store, it's best to put things that have been turned over back to their original place. Don't mess up. People hate. In addition, even if you have already spent a lot of money in the store, you can also express gratitude to others after enjoying the clerk service, or you can praise the other person's service so that you can easily win respect from others.

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