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Custom Backpack Fabric Selection Tips
Mar 08, 2018

The backpack is becoming more and more fashionable, and has become an essential thing for people to travel in the city. The shoulder knapsack is not only the emancipation of the hands, but also a rare fashion single product. Nowadays, there are more and more styles of shoulder bags, and personalized customization is constantly rising. It is more and more popular. Big businesses have chosen customized backpacks as an enterprise gift. However, it is not easy to customize a suitable backpack, and it often takes a lot of effort.

Customize a nice and practical backpack, starting with the selection of fabric. As the main material used in the backpack, the fabric can not be ignored in the custom. Different fabrics have different characteristics, and their prices are different. On the other hand, the two shoulder knapsack made from different fabrics is different in grade and use. Generally speaking, the fabric should be selected according to the style, use, budget and so on. It is worth noting that in the budget range, it is better to choose the fabric that you think is right, after all, the factory will not know what fabric you want better than yourself.

There are many kinds of knapsack fabrics. There are ten different kinds of fabrics, such as nylon cloth, canvas, and bottom glue without any base material, which can be added to hundreds of different kinds of fabric from Oxford to 300D. There are hundreds of different kinds of fabrics that come from 1200D to different thickness. Different weave presentation of the pattern is completely different, seemingly the same fabric weave out is not the same as the actual effect is completely different, even with a different fabric color effect will be made out of a big gap. Therefore, when you have a backpack, if you have a sample bag, it must be provided to the factory, so that the factory can find the fabric according to the sample package. If there is no sample package, it is necessary to describe the specific requirements of your own, and the more detailed the better, so as to reduce the probability of deviation.

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