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What are the Problems to be Paid Attention to in Choosing a Lady's Bag
Mar 08, 2018

In the bag, the female compatriots never too much, whether it is a single shoulder bag, backpack, handbag, or trolley, hoped that the Department has various styles. Although the bag is the fit of the clothes, but it is not a million, so one more bag will be one more choice. So what do you need to pay attention to choosing a lady's bag?

1. Smell

When you pick a lady's bag, you need to pay attention to the smell. If you feel the smell of the bag is very pungent, then the bag will almost certainly be inferior, because the good bag is generally tasteless or has a faint fragrance.

Two. Hardware

Hardware is also one of the problems that should be paid attention to in selecting ladies' bags. The surface gloss of the good quality bags and hardware is relatively thick and bright, and there is no burr. It is also smooth and lubricated.

Three. Glue head

Bag plastic head is a leather strap or handbag incision glued part, this site is generally relatively thick, so the bonding material adhesive will generally choose imported, mainly small odor, color clear, and more environmentally friendly, so the selection of handbags bags need to pay attention to the rubber head part.

Four, modeling

Ladies' bags need attention to the modeling of bags. A good quality lady bag is also full and stylish when empty. It is more stereoscopic than the poor quality lady bag.


The material of the bag determines the quality of the package directly, so the choice of the lady's bag needs to pay attention to the problem of the material. A good general bag material looks pretty, feeling delicate, thick, and material and bag junction smooth is relatively docile.

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