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What are the Commonly Used Accessories for Making Bag
Mar 08, 2018

1, lining. The cloth is usually used as an inner lining knapsack, also known in the material or the lining cloth, the more common varieties of cloth jacquard cloth, taffeta, Shu Mei silk, Taslan, twill, peach skin, the jacquard fabric with more than.

2, line. The line generally includes Nylon line and Poly line, Nylon line refers to nylon texture line, there are many specifications, usually used when sewing, and Poly line looks like many small fur, similar to cotton yarn, usually used for knotting.

3. The ribbon. The ribbon is generally divided into two kinds, Nylon and Poly. Nylon has good quality and soft handle, but the cost is relatively high. Usually only high-end backpack is used. Poly's webbing is quite common, and most knapsack is woven with Poly ribbons.

4, zipper. The zipper is a connecting piece that keeps the articles together or separated by continuous chain teeth. The famous zippers have YKK and YBS, and high-end backpacks usually use YKK zippers. A pack of good and bad and the zipper is very large, if not the quality of the zipper, the backpack will use up very troublesome.

5, buckle. The backpack is generally divided into buckle buckle (called side fastener), day buckle, ladder buckle, hook buckle, rope buckle, and the other is a special purpose buckle.

6, foam sponge. In the backpack, the pivotal role of foam, common PU cotton, PE cotton. PU sponge is a sponge we often say. It's a lot of holes. It's soft and soft. It's usually used in the place where the body is close to the user. PE foam is a plastic foamed material, with a lot of small bubbles in the middle. It can keep a certain shape, generally used to support the shape of the backpack.

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