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The Four Main Points That Must be Mastered in the Purchase of Bags
Mar 08, 2018

Buy a bag to trick, look inside the mall all kinds of bags and dazzled people up, if you just look or listen to the guide of the story, it is very difficult to choose to suit their own good bag.

Knack one: selection should focus on details

General well-known manufacturer of bags, above the needle and line are neat and delicate, cut is in place, the surface and interlayer is generally not without suture holes, straps connected to the outside world will be relatively strong; metal accessories businesses provided will be relatively high, including the zippers and buttons are not easy to fade, a lot of the high-grade bag will wrap up the zipper handle with a special case, it will not easily exposed in the air.

Knack two: look at the leather and the material

According to the insiders, when identifying the material of the bag, fingers can be pressed. The common natural leather will have a fine texture under the thumb press. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and the fullness of leather. As a common pattern of goatskin wavy arrangement, thick and meticulous; yellow leather texture dense, irregular punctate pore arrangement; pigskin surface is rough, the pattern is usually a group of three pore distribution, can be hard to soft.  If it is non - natural leather, it will not appear in the process of pressing.

Know-how three: pouch according to the height of the player

Although the wide large handbag is popular, but how to choose according to the height, if the bag is too big or too small, are likely to be self defeating, to have the opposite effect.

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