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The Correct Back Method of The Backpack
May 28, 2018

First, choose a hardback backpack

There are many styles of backpacks on the market and they are mixed. In order to achieve the goal of sales, many businesses use many backpacks that are commonly used to sell professional backpacks. If you buy such a backpack, it does not matter if you lose money, if you feel uncomfortable to use it, or even cause back injury, you will lose out. Professional backpack (more than a litre will have two (or a whole) alloy or carbon back plate to support the entire backpack, if you look at the backpack without the two backplanes (or the backplane is very soft ), this is definitely not a professional backpack.

Second, let the backpack close to your back

Keep your backpack close to your back as you travel, which will save you more effort. A good backpack will have a sweat-absorbent design on the back, so it is not afraid to cling to the back of the backpack.

Third, tighten all the straps

Pay attention to tightening all the shoulder straps and waist pockets before and during the march to prevent the backpack from shaking around. This is an important measure to reduce physical exertion. Good backpack, when you tighten all the straps, you can run fast with your backpack. Ordinary backpack is not the case.

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