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How to Customize High Quality Camera Bags
Mar 08, 2018

Because of the professional relationship, the photography package has also become a part of the photography related investment. Special tourism, travel, street racket use, the following small editor to say, how to customize the quality of the photo bag?

One, photography bag style

For photography package before, we must first consider the need to customize what style of photography package, common photography package can be divided into: single shoulder bag, backpack, bag, general custom, these factors directly affect the use of camera frequency and location.

Two. The style of the photo bag

With more and more equipment, the camera bag style is not much, the previous high-end cameras are big black, photography package is machine-made, styles are boxy black, and now the rich material, prompted more people understand photography, photography, feel everyone can become a photographer, style by SLR big black until now all kinds of styles, many businesses also do promotions, pay to send anti photography package.

Three. The material of the photographic bag

Photography package materials can be divided into nylon cloth, canvas, leather and imitation leather, remove bag style, search Factory Photo package on the Internet, often can see the waterproof, anti abrasion, anti dropping advertising, the large manufacturers currently photography package, basically meet these requirements. One point to be reminded is that "shockproof" is not well protected, which is related to the position of the camera bag and the angle of the fall.

Four. Safety factor of picture bag zipper

The location of the zipper is usually divided into two parts, whether a single shoulder or a shoulder, a zipper is located on the outside, most of the zippers are used in the photographic bags, the advantage is that it is very convenient to carry. Another kind of zipper is located near the side of the body. The disadvantage is that sometimes it is not convenient to take and place, but the safety factor is high. Because the body is clinging to the zipper part, it is difficult for a thief to start.

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